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Some Facts about Sony Playstations

A play station is a type of video game machine which was first produced by Sony in the 1990’s. Since the development of the first play station machine, there has been several other to follow which include pocket play station, play station 2, portable play station and play station 3.

The concept of a play station dates back to the late 1980’s. Developers of Nintendo were trying to invent a video game machine that would play CD’s, but were unsuccessful. When they heard that people at Sony were developing a machine used for this, they contacted them and began to work together. Once the final version was finished and released in 1994, it became immensely popular around the world and created what was called the “play station generation”. Some popular titles of play station games include Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, Tekken, Wipeout, Crash Bandicoot, Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid.

Play Station is very popular among young children and teenagers. Some people speculate that there are ill effects associated with it, including attention deficit disorder and an under developed imagination. If you’re child has an interest in Play Station, or other such video game devises, there is no need to not allow them to play with them at all, but you should try to monitor their use so that they are not using it all of the time. Many of the video games coming out are highly violent, which can lead to a desensitization to violence, especially when these types of games are played at a young age. All games have an age rating which are EC; for early childhood, E for everyone, M for mature, E10+ for everyone older than ten, T for teen, A for adults only and RP for rating pending; which means they have not yet been given a rating. Before buying or renting games for you’re child, you should check the rating to make sure it is age appropriate. You should also remember that encouraging you’re child to be physically active when they are young is of paramount importance in their development. When children are physically fit, they grow up to the physically active adults which is very important, especially in today’s society of fast food and sky rocketing obesity rates.

If you’re child does not express and interest in physical activity, and has become increasingly adamant about playing video games, try compromising with him or her. Perhaps you could tell them that if they go to their swimming lesson, they will be allowed to play video games afterwards. This may be harder to do for teenagers, especially since telling you’re teen not to do something will make them want to do it even more, but it might be easier to get you’re teen to become active if they are doing something that they think is cool or fun. Perhaps this could be skydiving, rock climbing or horseback riding.