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About Drone Technology

Drones are having capability to integrate with other technology to come up with more advanced solutions and applications in different sectors. Drone along with Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing and Data Analytics creates a unique and powerful combination of cutting edge technologies.

Drone Cameras This has emerged as one of the most powerful yet handy tool for different industries to serve different purposes such as image scanning, Surveying, Monitoring, Aerial Photography, surveillance, Rescuing, Research and many more yet to come. The Drone based Surveying, Mapping & Inspection is based on camera photography & real time video.

This can easily be controlled with the help of a mobile application installed on IOS or Android devices mounted along with the drone remote controller. This helps people in real-time monitoring and reaching to the places easily where human access is limited.

Drone Sensors Sensors are one of the most important parts in any Drone. Sensors not only help in securing the drone during the flight but also help gather information, detect certain activities and helps in better analysis. The types of sensors include speed, obstacle, thermal, light, sound sensors, magnetic sensors, chemical sensors and many more.

Drone Cargos Drone cargos are gaining more popularity since the early concept of Amazon to provide a unique delivery experience to the customers. Drone cargos are used to deliver the small & light weighted packets in order to achieve faster and safer delivery. This is a very time efficient way to have a safer & secure transportation.

Drones are also used for Security, Military, Artificial Intelligence and Entertainment purpose & yet to come up with more use cases. Smartphones can integrate with drone operations easily. There has been a large demand in integrating smartphones with drones to control the drone operations, plan flights/missions, capture data, log information, mapping and tracking in real time. With familiarity of users with smartphone it becomes an easy to handle tasks for pilots to operate their drone flights smartly.