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Monthly Archives: June 2017


Why Playstations are Popular?

The biggest reason is the graphics. The Playstation has some of the best graphics on the market, capable of rending 360,000 polygons per second. This enabled it to render almost any image quickly and sharply, making it ideal for any game that you could play on it, whether it was taking jewels from a safe, sniping a villain, or slamming someone to the floor. The images were gorgeous, and are among the industry’s best.

The controls are a dream; very responsive, and easy to learn, the controls are some of the best designed in the gaming industry. Although the games themselves may have had some ridiculous problems, the Playstation’s controls themselves allowed any player to master the game to whatever level the player was capable of. Capable of handling up to four controllers with appropriate hardware, the Playstation could easily keep a group playing for days.

The Playstation was also the first console to integrate a DVD player into itself. This allowed the interesting situation of the owner being able to watch an anime, and then play a game based on that anime, all on the same piece of equipment; a great development on a console. Of course, it was a fully-functioning player, with all the features that you would expect from a DVD player; you could find an Easter egg on the player just as easily as you could on the games.

And the variety of the games is definitely not second-rate. With the Game Cube being for kids, and the XBox for showing off, the Playstation seemed to be a personal industry favorite. You could find games for any genre, any rating. You could find the standard fighting games, platform jumpers, and side-scrollers, as well as some truly weird games (such as Cubivore, a game of evolution modeled on actual theories). There were some dating games available, as well as games that were compilations of other games from years past. Not only did it have the best games of today, but best games of yesteryear. The Playstation literally had a game for anyone, with a strong line of educational games and more illicit games for other ages.

The system had few weaknesses. The DVD player wouldn’t last, having to be repaired after a relatively short time. Also, there were only spaces for two controllers. At least the memory cards could hold more game records than other games.

In short, the Playstation is easily one of the best consoles ever designed. The console can keep a group of guys spellbound for hours, and then a little girl could take over the system with her own games. There’s a lot to be said about a console that can allow even the youngest child a wide range of entertainment options, including education games and Disney DVDs. A good console for a good time.



iPod Speaker

You have the new iPod nano that keeps you grooving because of the thousands of songs that it can handle in such a small frame, and now here is another product that will elevate its performance, the iPod speaker.

Clearly speaking, the speaker is an equipment that helps neutralize the sound that is produced by your VCD, DVD and other equipments. However, there are various kinds of speakers that are presented in the market. Some are credible and quality tested but others are not. For the iPod, there are numerous high quality speakers available.

To thoroughly describe the feature, the sound that comes out from iPod speakers are guaranteed to be clear, crisp and bright, as if you are listening to an actual band. Another good thing about this is because it has the capacity to handle loud volumes. There is no need for you to worry about the sound breaking if ever you prefer to maximize its volume, because the sound will not distort at all.

The iPod speaker creates a quality sound because this type of equipment is made with an upgraded technology that results to a good bass frequency without the use of the subwoofer.

Another new feature with some iPod speakers is the use and availability of a remote control. Prior to this, you had to stand up and move towards your speaker just to fix the volume. Certain digital music has different qualities that can be conducive to different levels of volume. But now, all you need is to relax, point the clicker to your iPod speaker and get the right mix of volume and sound. Another important feature is the auto shutdown. It is a big energy saver for your batteries.

Some iPod speakers are being offered in several shapes and sizes, and like the iPod, some of them are diminutive but they pack a wallop in performance. You can place it anywhere in your house where you can best listen to. Aside from being an energy conserver, the iPod speaker is also a space-saver.

Aside from the homes, an iPod can be integrated with an iPod speaker for outdoor use. This is great for picnics, a day in the beach and for outdoor adventures. Share your favorite tunes with all your friends and family with the help of the iPod speaker.

There are so many more features that the iPod speaker can give you. You can look for more groundbreaking music technology to make the iPod more convenient. The latest innovations are always towards the customers’ expediency and satisfaction.



Keyboard Power

What are you to do, when in the middle of an important document, your mouse decides to “die”? Would you worry? Would you panic and run to the nearest store? What if it’s night time and the stores are closed and you are rushing up your work?

On your keyboard, immediately press CTRL + S simultaneously to save whatever it is you’re doing. That way, you don’t lose your work. This is a common and one of the most familiar tasks without using the mouse. If the mouse is not functioning and you need to do something important but you don’t have the time to repair the mouse or change it, you can actually still do your work even with just the keyboard around. Here are some key combinations you need to navigate your way through your PC sans the mouse:

Ctrl + O – to open a file or document
Ctrl + B – to use the “Bold” feature of fonts
Ctrl + I – to italize fonts
Ctrl + U – to underline texts in a document
Ctrl + X – to cut texts, cells, or icons from files
Ctrl + W – to close existing windows
Ctrl + R – to align document to the right
Ctrl + L – to align document to the left
Ctrl + E – to align document to the center (especially in Word Documents)
Ctrl + Z – to undo last action done in a document
Ctrl + Y – to redo last action done in a document
Shift F7 – to prompt the Thesaurus tool in a document
F7 – to prompt the spelling and grammar check tool in a document
F12 – or save as, to save same document with another filename or to another drive
Windows + D – shows desktop
Alt + Tab – switches you from one window to another
F5 – refreshes your browser when it seems to have stopped moving (when you are using the Internet)
Ctrl + Esc – prompts the “Start Menu” when you are using the old 101-key keyboard without the Windows keys on it.
F6 – enables you to change the URL on the address field when you are using the Internet.
Shift + Tab – when you need to go back to a previous cell (in a spreadsheet) or entry in a form (in the Internet)
Ctrl + V or Shift + Insert – to paste copied text to another document
Windows + F – when you need to find and open a file recently saved
Windows + Pause/Break – to directly open and view your system properties without going through the control panel windows
Windows + E – to directly open and view Windows Explorer without going though the Start Menu
Alt + F4 – to prompt shut down menu